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The Babylonian Creation Story and the Biblical Account of Creation

The Babylonian creation story repeats many of the details of the Biblical account but clearly is not the source of that account. The striking parallels constitute a strong argument against the framework hypothesis defended by Meredith Kline and his adherents. The Babylonian story presents the creation in terms of a consecutive story, with striking details in the same order as the Biblical account, but clearly not with the same ‘characters” or “actors” and not in a “framework.”

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Vos Made Easier - New Testament Biblical Theology a la Geerhardus Vos

I have long recognized Geerhardus Vos as one of the most accomplished authors in the field of Biblical theology ... I did recommend textbooks for a possible reading course on the subject. Chief among the recommended books was Dr. Vos’ Biblical Theology. The only weakness in the book that stood out to me was his style of writing. The current book is an effort to render Vos’ work in a somewhat more understandable form.

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Klinism And The Westminster Standards

Consider the question “what difference does it make if we accept what the advocates of Klinism are saying regarding the new doctrine of the republication of the covenant of works, and the new doctrine regarding the two kingdoms? That is, what difference does it make if we allow these deviations to persist among us?” There are several responses to this question.

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New Directions In Biblical Theology

The New Two Kingdoms doctrine and the New Republication Doctrine.

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Old Testament Biblical Theology I: Introductory Matters

Old Testament biblical theology is a very interesting and engrossing subject because it deals with the specifics of the biblical revelation stage by stage. The whole study will be presented in more than one book. This, the first book, deals systematically with a number of different approaches to the Old Testament.

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Old Testament Biblical Theology II: From Adam to Adam

This book opens with a survey of the matters of prolegomena to biblical theology. Then after a discussion of certain introductory items, it deals first with the prelapsarian, pre-fall, covenant of God with Adam and then with the postlapsarian, post-fall covenant. Hence, it is entitled from Adam to Adam.

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