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Monumental zeal: a review of Kirk Cameron’s movie
Mel’s Misplaced Passion: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
October Revolution: How the Reformation Changed the World (more to come at

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Lessons from the Reformation

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An Imprecatory Sermon against the Murder of the Unborn

Nature and Duty of Prayer and Fasting

Faith Alone--A Lost Doctrine?
Unity Is Not for the Lazy
What is a Christian Patriot to Do?


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Placeholder  ImageThe Ten Points of Calvinism
A one-of-a-kind and excellent introduction to the Reformed faith.

“The book is highly recommended”
Loraine Boettner


Uniting Church and Family: observations about the Current Family crisis

The Christian family is divided. The church is weak. Will homeschooling protect us? Will eliminating Sunday school strengthen us? Will "family integration" unite us? This collection of essays will explore these timely questions with thought-provoking analysis from history and biblical common-sense.

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Kindle Edition

Whatever Happened to Biblical Tongues?

What Say the Stones?

Who Will Lead Us?

Daddy, May I Have Communion?

From Adam to Adam: OT Biblical Theology II


The Covenant of Grace

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